Brunettes of General Hospital

A Tumblr about the Brunettes of General Hospital.

Heather and Cameron

I just realized that Heather and Cameron are slightly related. Not by blood of course, but through Jeff Webber (Elizabeth’s dad). I always wondered why they never really had a story between Elizabeth and Heather, but that would probably require them to get Jeff back which would either require a recast or a lot of money to get Richard Dean Anderson back.

Brown Civil

I am in love with Nik/Britt/Robin scenes. I realized that no one really needs to be friends (especially Britt/Robin), but I would love if Britt and Robin became friendly or at least civil. 

I loved it when Britt saw Sabrina’s ring on her finger and said she couldn’t marry Patrick (since Robin is alive). 

The Almost Wedding

Although Steve and Olivia’s wedding didn’t happen, spoiler alert, I loved the little moment when Olivia asked Elizabeth to be the maid of honor and they were about to hug until Maxie grabs Elizabeth away. I mean, sure, it was rude, but from me it was adorable.

What didn’t make sense was not having Dante and Kate there. What the heck?

Erik Valdez/Trey

I wish the show had worked something out for the character and actor. I would have loved his story-line meeting and getting to know Olivia and Dante (and I don’t even like those characters that much). I would have loved a possible story with Tracy reminiscing of his late dad. Then of course there is Connie, but that goes without saying.

I hope he finds something grand very soon.